Many people have expressed the opinion that the UKBlues Federation is the ideal body to undertake the organising, running and overseeing of an annual awards process given that it is an Affiliate of the Blues Foundation and an Active Member of the European Blues Union as well as the organiser of the annual UK Blues Challenge.

The FORM UKBlues Awards is a natural next step for the UKBlues Federation and furthers its stated aim to support and promote the blues in the UK.

This new, dedicated website is being developed to facilitate the voting process which is now taking place and will close at midnight 28th February 2018. The results will be announced and the Awards presented at a high profile, professional awards presentation ceremony taking place on Saturday 19th May 2018 at Worthing Pier’s Southern Pavilion. Tickets for the event are selling fast and are available here.

It is clear both from discussions the UKBlues Federation has had and the reaction to the awards announcement that many people have missed there not being any blues awards this year and, after much discussion and thought, the decision has been taken that the UKBlues Federation should look to fill that gap.

The UKBlues Federation has a very clear idea of how these awards should proceed and is creating something that will draw support from across the blues spectrum in the UK. Above all the UKBlues Federation wants to see an Awards process that does justice to all the recipients and nominees and to all those involved with the blues in the UK.

Other musical genres have high profile and successful Awards and it is high time that the blues in the UK enjoyed something similar. It will not happen overnight and will take a great deal of commitment.

It is clear that building the profile of these Awards will take time but with the support of all those involved with the blues in the UK, we believe we can create something of which the UK blues community can be proud.

More information about the FORM UKBlues Awards can be found on the following pages.