Voting Process

Voting will take place during the ‘voting period’ – a four week period commencing in February of each year.

Voting in all categories will be open to all members of the UKBlues Federation at the date of the commencement of the voting period and to any other person whose registration to vote is submitted via the voter registration page on the FORM UKBlues Awards website – – and validated by the UKBlues Federation prior to the closing date of voting.

Voters may only vote for one nominee in each category and may only vote once in each category. They may vote in any or all categories in any one session. If voters wish to vote in different categories during different voting sessions they may but all votes must be cast within the specified voting period. Any votes cast outside the voting period will not count.

Whilst it is appreciated that voters may not wish to vote in every category, voters are requested to cast votes in as many categories as possible. To avoid the possibility of the voting being ‘hijacked’ or unduly biased, the UKBlues Federation reserves the right to disallow votes from voters who have not voted in at least six of the nine main categories (1 to 9 inclusive).

Logs of all voting activity will be recorded and monitored. Any party identified as having voted or sought to vote more than once will be barred from voting completely (for this and all future awards) and their vote(s) will be discarded.

Managers, agents, publicists or members of staff of record labels/companies may not vote for any artist(s) that they represent or with whom they are closely involved.